San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo
had surgery earlier this month on his torn ACL Cheap Jimmy Garoppolo Jersey , and has returned to regular interactions with the team. Garoppolo is on crutches at this stage, but took some time to chat with the media after practice on Friday. Tracy Sandler got video, which you can watch above, or click here. I’ve transcribed the interview, which you can read below.He is still very early in the rehab process, but he said he is expected to get out of his crutches in the next couple weeks. Running back Jerick McKinnon got off crutches earlier this week, so the timetables line up given the timing of their respective ACL tears. While nobody would wish an ACL tear on a teammate, there is at least one positive in that the two can be rehab buddies, albeit on slightly different schedules.Garoppolo said the surgery was straight-forward, and that while he did have a couple things cleaned up with the ACL, there were no other tears. He will move on to swimming pool work, which is the next step after surgery and crutches.In the meantime, he is able to observe the game sometimes from his TV at home, and most recently from the press box this past Sunday against the Rams. I doubt we see Garoppolo making road trips this season, but he remains around the facility to help as needed. He is able to offer advice, although he doesn’t want to over-reach given that he’s not out there every day in practice. That being said, there is value to be gained from having him around the building — and he can continue taking mental reps and working through team meetings to stay sharp with the offense.Here’s the full rundown of what Garoppolo had to say.What rehab has been like:”It’s been different, obviously. A different schedule and everything. Just trying to get this knee back to normal, get the swelling down, get the movement going.”On regrets from the play:”I mean, initially you think about that stuff. You think of every situation possible, plays before it, all that stuff. Eventually you have to start moving on.”Any other damage discovered:”There were a couple little things, nothing too serious. The ACL was the only one that got torn, so that was a good sign. They fixed up a couple little things, and I think it’s been going really good. The stitches are out, the scar healed up quickly. So 49ers Adrian Colbert Jersey , we can move on to the pool stuff, really move forward now.”Upcoming timeline:“We’ve only talked about the crutches so far. So that’s, I’ve got like two more weeks-ish, something like that, then I can start walking again. Looking forward to that. As far as throwing and stuff, it’s kind of feel thing, they keep telling me. So it’s kind of how you progress through the process.”Most challenging part of this:“The crutches. [Laugh] They suck. I think just the overall acceptance of it. Initially, it was tough. I’ve never had a serious injury like this, so it’s different. But we’re very positive now. I’ve got Jet [McKinnon] going through It with me, and so we’re kinda helping one other, and it’s good.”On having someone to go through it with:“You know, I never wish it on anybody, but it’s nice having Jet there with me. We do very similar exercises — he’s a little ahead of me right now, so I’m trying to play a little catch-up with him. But, it’s nice to have someone there with you the whole time.”On contributions he’s able to make off the field:“Just try to go to as many meetings as I can, obviously our schedules are a little different, with rehab and stuff like that. Any input I can put in to help the guys. If they have any questions at all, I try to help them as much as I can. Just be a positive reinforcement in the locker room.”On watching game-day now with the injury:”It’s strange, it’s strange. The first couple I was down in LA, just watching them on the couch. And then this last one [vs. Rams] I got to go sit in the box and watch it. It’s a completely different perspective. You feel like a coach almost. And so there’s little things like that I’ve tried to find a silver lining, how I can take advantage of this extra time. I’ll never be given time like this again. So, it’s just, you have to take advantage of what you’re given.”On looking forward to testing his resolve in coming back:“Yea, I think it’ll be a good test. It’s a long process, so you can’t look too far ahead and start thinking about things that don’t matter right now. And so, I think just staying locked in, every day trying to get better. I know it sounds cliche Cheap Mike McGlinchey Jersey , but it’s a long process, and if we keep getting better every day, we’ll be OK.”On potentially changing style moving forward:“I’ve always been pretty cautious, and so that kind of a freak accident of a play. I don’t know if it was just instinct or what to cut back like that, but it is what it is. Your style of play, maybe it will alter it initially, but eventually, everyone keeps telling me you’ll get back to how your legs were before — just as strong, if not stronger. It’s all about putting in the work right now and coming back stronger than I was before. Mentally being better, and just overall being better.”On if he’s injury prone after shoulder and ACL injuries:“If people say I’m injury-prone, then they don’t really know what they’re talking about. I’ve played sports my whole life — I’ve had only two injuries. It’s weird. I’m not used to it, that’s for sure. But it’s something I don’t want to get used to. I want to get out there with the guys, battling, preparing throughout the week and everything. And we’ll get back there next year.”On ways to contribute in conversations with C.J. Beathard:“I try to. You’ve gotta pick your spots kind of, because it is different. You’re not out on the field, putting in the time these guys are and everything. So, whenever he has a question, or I see something that sticks out that I can help him with, I’ll try and do whatever I can.”On differences between 3 starts this year and 5 last year:“Well I mean, we had a completely different team, and every year’s going to be different. Kind of how you go throughout the year, it’s an up and down battle. There’s gonna be good games, there’s gonna be bad games. It’s disappointing I didn’t get to see this year all the way through, but like I said before, just coming back stronger next year’s the main thing now.On being able to make progress with offense while injured:“Kind of, I’m trying to approach it as a coach almost. You can do all the mental stuff the same as you did before, if not more because you have more time now. And then during the game Cheap Fred Warner Jersey , you’re not out there. You’re seeing the game from the press box or on TV or whatever it is. It’s a different perspective, and I’ll try and use it to my advantage.”Anything jumps out from bird’s eye view:“I mean I’ve never watched the defense, because you’re always on the sideline preparing for the next one. So watching the, it was different. I’m still new to it, so I’m still learning as I go.” TheSan Francisco 49ers are 1-6 and coming off their most demoralizing loss of the season — a 39-10 shellacking from the Los Angeles Rams at Levi’s Stadium. The tough task now for Kyle Shanahan’s squad, coming off their fifth-straight loss, is looking forward to the three consecutive winnable games against opponents with a combined record of 3-17. Next up: the Arizona Cardinals, whose only win was against the 49ers in Week 5.With the trade deadline approaching and the 49ers struggling, there are plenty of questions to figure out as we near the midway point in the season. I’m back with my weekly mailbag column. You’re welcome to drop questions in here for next week’s mailbag, or tweet me @rob_lowder.“Better Rivals (Oscar) mentioned Solly played in position more to his strength this week. Should we hope to see more of that? Will it matter? Does anything matter?” Evan SowardsAnything matters, Evan, including Solomon Thomas. It would also seem that putting him in the best position to succeed matters too. Oscar, myself, and many have long wondered why the 49ers insisted on playing Solomon Thomas on the edge of the defensive line when he made his name at Stanford on the interior. Allowing your No. 3 pick in 2017 the opportunity to play in a familiar position seems like good business, and frankly, common sense.Coordinator Robert Saleh got creative with the defensive alignment against the Rams, giving Thomas more interior snaps than any other game in 2018. Oscar offered a more in-depth breakdown of Thomas’ performance on Twitter. Give it a look. The results were what you’d expect. Thomas’ usage against the Rams should become the standard if the 49ers want to maximize his talent.“Do you think we will make another trade splash again like Jimmy G before the deadline?” PaddyThe NFL trade deadline is Tuesday, October 30th at 1 p.m. PST. I don’t think the 49ers will make a splash on par with the Jimmy Garoppolo trade last season, but I do believe they’ll be actively seeking to unload and acquire players. We know the 49ers are short on talent, but the team only holds six picks in the 2019 draft, so perhaps they’ll see the deadline as an opportunity to bolster their draft capital by trading away rather than for. Pass rushers and defensive backs strike me as positions the 49ers may look to acquire prior to Tuesday.“The team as a whole is giving up in games they’re behind in and losing focus in games they’re ahead. How do the coaches address those mental issues?” JeremyI don’t see a 49ers team that’s giving up on games more than I do making an insurmountable number of mistakes. Turnovers have been the theme of the season so far. The 49ers’ defense has forced only three on the season while the offense has given up a whopping 18 - 10 interceptions and 8 fumbles. It’s very difficult to win football games with a -15 turnover ratio, especially when coupled with the number of missed assignments we’ve seen from the 49ers on both sides of the ball.“How does the position look now that Adrian Colbert is on IR?” Niner AlexStarting free safety Adrian Colbert suffered a high ankle sprain against the Rams and was placed on injured reserve Monday. He’s unlikely to return this season. On the bright side, Colbert’s injury looked to be much more severe when he was carted off the field after colliding with cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon.The 49ers now look to rookie D.J. Reed, who stepped in Sunday to fill the void left by Colbert. Cornerback Jimmie Ward is also capable of playing free safety whenever he recovers from the hamstring injury that kept him out against the Rams. The 49ers also have rookie Tarvarius Moore, a former safety turned cornerback, should they get desperate.“Why is Foster missing so many tackles?” SpencerFoster so far this season hasn’t flashed the same elite form we saw last season. Ben Linsey of Pro Football Focus wrote Wednesday about the significant drop-off in Foster’s performance. Foster was among PFF’ elite linebackers last season and how now plummeted to bottom-10 in the NFL. Linsey cites both the missed tackles that Spencer noticed, as well as struggles in coverage - both solid aspects of Foster’s 2017 form. Given the second-year linebacker’s stacked resume dating back to his time in Alabama 49ers Brock Coyle Jersey , his slump seems more like an anomaly than the new normal. Foster’s performance is something to watch moving forward.“Would you rather trade away Armstead or Thomas, seeing as we probably need to get rid of one so the other can finally have a more solidified role on the team? If so, what kind of package could we get back?” Ha Ha HaI wouldn’t trade either. Arik Armstead and Solomon Thomas are not mutually exclusive. They can both exist on the defensive line together, especially in a day-and-age where an effective rotation of lineman is an essential element of the defense. Thomas is only in his second season and the 49ers may be finally realizing how to best to utilize their No. 3 pick. Armstead may not be living up to his first-round billing, but he’s a solid defensive lineman that I believe is a candidate for a contract extension at the right price, rather than paying the $9 million he’s due next season under the fifth-year option.“Who should we “raid” from Gruden’s fire sale?” QuintUKIf the Raiders really are willing to part ways with anyone on their roster, the 49ers’ interest should include but is not limited toBig GrinE Bruce IrvinCB Rashaan MelvinCB Gareon ConleyS Karl Joseph“Rob, quick question about the draft. I am a big believer in drafting offense but signing FA defense (so hard to draft good defensive players, see: Thomas, S). Do you agree with that?” Anthony FlumI can’t say that I agree with you, Anthony. At first glance, there’s just as many successful defensive players drafted every year as there are offensive. Take this year for example: Denzel Ward, Bradley Chubb, Roquan Smith, Minkah Fitzpatrick, Marcus Davenport and Derwin James are just some of the early names that jump off the board as great picks so far. There’s a lot of offensive talent that seems to be panning out as well. I’m a believer in taking the best player available when you’re on the clock, on either side of the ball. “Do you think Gar莽on get traded before the deadline?” TinyPierre Gar莽on, at 32, coming off a season-ending neck injury, has only caught 21 passes for 230 yards this season. He’s due $9.2 million this year and $8.4 in 2019. I don’t believe any team would be willing to take on that contract given Gar莽on’s lack of production at this stage of his career.“If the Niners won the next 3 against teams that are a combined record of 3-17, do you see them building some of the momentum they had at the end of last season? Not necessarily the wins, but at least feeling like they team is headed in the right direction.” Kelly HoneycuttI decided to save Kelly’s question for the end so we can wrap up this week’s mailbag on a positive note. The 49ers’ next three opponents - Arizona Cardinals, Oakland Raiders and New York Giants - are all very beatable one-win teams. It’s a chance for the roster to gain some much-needed confidence in their ability to win. I do believe that the 49ers will chalk up two wins over the next three weeks. If they don’t, well, at least they’ll have draft position to hang their hat on.

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